Central Processing Units


A downhole tool requires a central processing unit to harmonize the operating of each subsystem that composes it.

The central processing unit ensures the control and monitoring of various subsystems, the real-time logging of job data, and communication with the surface to receive commands and send job feedback.


Central Processing Units (CPU) range

The central processing unit is the main element in tool intelligence. Based on the various sensors required by the application (e.g. magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope) and on the tool’s subsystem feedbacks, the proper decision is needed to accurately achieve the commands received from surface.


Our products cover many functions required by central processing:

  • Tool Control Unit: the master board of the tool that is responsible for operating the system.
  • Telemetry: mud pulse modulation based on a motor control system or electrical modulation across the power supply cable. It allows data transmission from downhole to surface to improve job efficiency and safety.
  • Datalogging: real-time datalogger that is able to log time-stamped data (g., measurements, subsystem states, and commands) for job analysis purposes.
  • Communication interfaces: CAN, RS485, RS232, SPI, Digital and analog inputs/outputs.

Range products

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