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Nar Motion M Upgrades

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Nar Motion-M upgrades. The iconic downhole motor controller displays now reinforced features for easy implementation and configuration system. A reliable module for customers seeking long-life motor controllers for their tools operating under extreme environments.

High current handling, small form factor

Part of the Nar Motion series, Nar Motion-M is a high-reliability motor controller designed to drive a three-phase synchronous motor. It has a typical rating of 600 V. It handles large current - all under an 11.5'' by 1.6'' form factor with no required cooling system.

The motor controller is ruggedized to undergo high temperature, high vibration, multiple shocks. Maximum reliability, minimum risks. With up to 3 kW power rating and 98% efficiency, thanks to Nar Motion-M, our customers make the most out of their well.

Nar Motion Series

Easy System Configuration

Failure is not an option. Nar Motion-M includes advanced system protection and monitoring with a configurable OVLO/UVLO threshold for shut-down conditions. The control panel offers a wide range of parameters, all simplified by an intuitive graphical user interface. Also, to ease the deployment of the module into the customer's equipment, parameter configuration can be stored in a non-volatile memory.

Watt & Well engineers designed Nar Motion-M for customers seeking easy implementable and configurable motor controllers in their downhole tool. Therefore, for instance, the firmware embeds a bootloader that enables to program the board on the fly through the CAN bus. Our service also includes support for the project team during the configuration phase, and even beyond.


Maximum electromagnetic torque

Nar Motion-M uses Field Oriented Control (FOC) to control phase currents and thus eliminates the energy loss (motor heating). But most of all, it is known to provide accurate motor control both at low and high speeds.

The motor runs smoothly with low torque ripples, as the DSP algorithm makes the stator and rotor magnetic field orthogonal to each other to achieve maximum electromagnetic torque. Three rotor position sensor compatibility are available: resolver sensor, hall effect sensor and sensorless. The equipment is made to optimize the performance of the customer system. Robust module, better results.


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