Nar Motion M

Ref. NM-40-600-6


Nar Motion M 150dpi


High reliability
Small form factor
Four-quadrant operation with independent speed, power and torque limits for easy motor paralleling
Advanced system protection and monitoring
Highly configurable through an extensive Graphical User interface with logging capability

Optimize your system by selecting our bestseller, the Nar Motion M, which includes the FOC algorithm, allowing precise position control, speed, and torque. It is also able to control the HV voltage when the generator mode is enabled. Nar Motion M is the cost-effective version for medium-power applications.

The standard version includes pre-programmed firmware with hundreds of parameters to tune the controller, including motor characteristics, regulation parameters, and protection thresholds. It can easily be configured to fit your requirements.

The MBD version includes firmware as a provided MATLAB-Simulink project, composed by the code generation model and the simulation model. The control loops are easy to customize via the Simulink model and Embedded Coder code generation.

Electrical characteristics

Dimensions292 x 40 x 24 mm
Temperature175 °C (maximum operating)
DC Inputup to 650V
Maximum phase current6 Arms
Motor typeBLDC, PMSM
SensorsHall, Sensorless
Speed referenceCANbus


Nar Motion XS


Nar Motion S - LV


Nar Motion S - HV