Nar Motion XS

Ref. NM-20-48-2-HALL


Motor Controllers_NarMotion S 1


High reliability
Small form factor
Regulated speed, two directions of rotation
Integrated protection
Nano-D 15 pins connector interfaces

Nar Motion XS is a complete motor control solution suitable for one-inch tools. It is a universal motor controller driver for synchronous motors (BLDC and PMSM). Additionally, it can operate in sensored or sensorless mode based on hall effect sensors, providing speed mode control in a small form factor.

Electrical characteristics

Dimensions130 x 20 x 12 mm
Temperature175 °C (maximum operating)
DC Input14 V to 48 V
Maximum phase current2 Arms
Hall sensors power supply12 V
Motor typeBLDC, PMSM
SensorsHall, Sensorless
Speed referenceanalog speed input


Nar Motion M


Nar Motion S - LV


Nar Motion S - HV