Developing an expertise and a product range fitting with drilling tool constraints, especially for directional drilling tools (Rotary Steerable System RSS), MWD, LWD.

Designing power electronics to work with wide and non-regulated input voltage to be compatible with downhole voltage range and fluctuations.


Motor Controllers

The iconic Nar Motion series (XS, S and M) was created to provide each tool with a module that is easy to configure and that fits perfectly in the system.

Power Supplies

From directional drilling tools (Rotary Steerable System RSS) to measuremens while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD), we cover power supplies for both the tool and inverter for tool actuators.

Central Processing Units

For data communication between the surface and the downhole tool, we developed our own modem for data modulation across the cable.


The CEO and founder of Watt & Well, Benoit Schmitt, had extensive experience in the oil and gas market when he started his career as an engineer in Schlumberger. Many years after handling large scale project as a manager, Benoit Schmitt met Raul Iglesias, also an electrical engineer graduate from Centrale Supelec. They decided to pool their skills and experience, and the Watt & Well company was born.

Watt & Well has accumulated over a decade of experience with oil and gas multinationals and contractors. We understand both the stakes and constraints of our customers.

Any delay in commissioning results in financial and reputation expenses. As a result, we designed the high reliability Nar Motion power electronics products range designed for harsh environments:

  • Operating at extreme temperatures (up to 225 °C)
  • Repeated shocks (up to 500 g, 2 ms)
  • Constant vibration (20 Grms typical up to 500 Hz)
  • Mechanical constraints and cooling to fit within the customer tool (down to ID 25 mm)

Our products are running thousands of feet below ground in systems operating within harsh environments because we are committed to delivering the best-in-class reliable power electronics equipment.


Watt Consulting is born in the Central Supelec Incubator, Paris Grande Ecole

To high votage (30 kV) and pulse energy, a 175°C engine control solution, while the Nar family is born.

Nar Motion is labelled ISO 9001.

Fourth variation of Nar Motion, semi-custom engine control. Nar Motion is born

Watt Consulting changes its name to Watt & Well

Increased production with investment in new facilities

Production of the one-thousandth Nar Motion











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We're hiring !

We’re currently building the best team and would love for you to be a part of it! We’re looking for visionaries, resourceful optimists, builders, and out of the box thinkers. Put in other words, we want you. Have a look at our job offers!

"Working at Watt & Well is enabling my passion for electronics to benefit challenging projects. That feels very gratifying as I can lead wide required skills projects: power electronics, analog electronic, embedded control and project management. I have the chance to develop solutions with multicultural and open-minded experts. It offers an exciting environment aside from the fact that the lab and equipment are of high quality."

Maël Guilbaud – CTO

"Joining the innovative company Watt & Well is for me a great opportunity to discover a multicultural work environment where the sense of community and ideas sharing are essential values. Along with the human aspect, collaborating with highly qualified colleagues gives me the ability to enhance my technical skills. Furthermore, working at Watt & Well makes me an efficient member in an ambitious project that keeps moving toward a sustainable future."

Rédha Meghnous – PhD, Control Systems Engineer

Watt & Well has been the ideal partner throughout the development of our innovative charger. The engineers come up with accurate proposals during specifications reviews. They are proactive in the project management while consistent with the QCD. During the vehicle integration, the technical support was flawless. Their strength: technical expertise, project management, professionalism, and their communicative passion !

. RENAULT – Didier DERUY, Innovation Project Leader – Electric Vehicle .

“Analog Devices, Inc. have engaged with WATT&WELL to work on a range of high-end, SiC MOSFET based power converters. We challenged WATT&WELL to develop the next generation of both hardware design platforms and software control models and simulations, and the resulting solution delivered all the requirements on time and with outstanding work quality. Demonstrating their expertise, WATT&WELL went the extra mile by sharing their know-how in power electronics systems and providing new ideas that will create ongoing influence for future designs and developments. With a dynamic and multi-cultural team, WATT&WELL are a reliable partner whenever you need fast, accurate and innovative solutions.”

. ANALOG DEVICES – Stefano GALLINARO, Strategic Marketing Manager .

“Matra M&S called upon WATT&WELL to improve the command algorithms of a synchronous in-wheel motor used for electrically assisted bikes. Thanks to WATT&WELL’s skills and expertise, this project not only has enabled us to increase the system’s efficiency, but also to add a number of sophisticated control modes that would help customize the final application. During this project, the WATT&WELL Team was able to adapt itself to the characteristics of our work environment and of our methods. Both teams could find the best means of combining their resources in order to keep within the cost objectives and the project’s schedule.”

. MATRA M&S – Gilles CHELARD, Technical Director .

“WATT&WELL proved to be a caring partner for the technical solutions as well as for respecting its engagements. The quality of follow-up, of upholding the initial planning, and the interactivity of its teams puts Watt & Well on a high level of professionalism, which is a source for Renault’s satisfaction”

. RENAULT – Samuel CREGUT, Research and advanced power electronics project manager .

"We have chosen Watt &Well to develop a major part of our ultra-fast chargers. This part is AC/DC power converter for our DC charging output (Chademo and CCS). We have found in Watt & Well the ideal partner for this development because power conversion is their specialty. This is completed by their full involvement in this type of complex R&D project. I recommend working with Watt & Well on this type of development and production."

. DBT-CEV – Guillaume SIMON, Technical Director .

"Watt&Well is our new space partner for technical products which need a high level of commitment, fast and reliable analyses and a real master of all electronic processes to reduce the cost. Aware of space constraints they studied a fail operational power electronic respecting the whole environment constraints as well as the imposed cost target. Thanks to their electronic knowledges in power and motor control architecture, they achieve quickly and with high level of quality the preliminary design and bread board manufacturing Following the planning milestones."

. ARIANEGROUP – Marc GODI, Ariane 6 equipment technical lead .