Developing an expertise and a product range fitting with drilling tool constraints, especially for directional drilling tools (Rotary Steerable System RSS), MWD, LWD.

Designing power electronics to work with wide and non-regulated input voltage to be compatible with downhole voltage range and fluctuations.


Motor Controllers

The iconic Nar Motion series (XS, S and M) was created to provide each tool with a module that is easy to configure and that fits perfectly in the system.

Power Supplies

From directional drilling tools (Rotary Steerable System RSS) to measuremens while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD), we cover power supplies for both the tool and inverter for tool actuators.

Central Processing Units

For data communication between the surface and the downhole tool, we developed our own modem for data modulation across the cable.


The CEO and founder of Watt & Well, Benoit Schmitt, had extensive experience in the oil and gas market when he started his career as an engineer in Schlumberger. Many years after handling large scale project as a manager, Benoit Schmitt met Raul Iglesias, also an electrical engineer graduate from Centrale Supelec. They decided to pool their skills and experience, and the Watt & Well company was born.

Watt & Well has accumulated over a decade of experience with oil and gas multinationals and contractors. We understand both the stakes and constraints of our customers.

Any delay in commissioning results in financial and reputation expenses. As a result, we designed the high reliability Nar Motion power electronics products range designed for harsh environments:

  • Operating at extreme temperatures (up to 225 °C)
  • Repeated shocks (up to 500 g, 2 ms)
  • Constant vibration (20 Grms typical up to 500 Hz)
  • Mechanical constraints and cooling to fit within the customer tool (down to ID 25 mm)

Our products are running thousands of feet below ground in systems operating within harsh environments because we are committed to delivering the best-in-class reliable power electronics equipment.


Watt Consulting is born in the Central Supelec Incubator, Paris Grande Ecole

To high votage (30 kV) and pulse energy, a 175°C engine control solution, while the Nar family is born.

Nar Motion is labelled ISO 9001.

Fourth variation of Nar Motion, semi-custom engine control. Nar Motion is born

Watt Consulting changes its name to Watt & Well

Increased production with investment in new facilities

Production of the one-thousandth Nar Motion











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"Working at Watt & Well is enabling my passion for electronics to benefit challenging projects. That feels very gratifying as I can lead wide required skills projects: power electronics, analog electronic, embedded control and project management. I have the chance to develop solutions with multicultural and open-minded experts. It offers an exciting environment aside from the fact that the lab and equipment are of high quality."

Maël Guilbaud – CTO

"Joining the innovative company Watt & Well is for me a great opportunity to discover a multicultural work environment where the sense of community and ideas sharing are essential values. Along with the human aspect, collaborating with highly qualified colleagues gives me the ability to enhance my technical skills. Furthermore, working at Watt & Well makes me an efficient member in an ambitious project that keeps moving toward a sustainable future."

Rédha Meghnous – PhD, Control Systems Engineer