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Downhole Tool Architecture

We are highly experienced in O&G tools electronics. We can help you design your electronics architecture. We provide feasibility study to understand and size your needs in power supplies, motor controllers, control boards, and how all these elements can be implemented for your functional need. We help you write specifications for tool electronics.


Through Simulink, we model the electrical architecture, either entirely or partially. We simulate your scenario and verify that the proposed architecture and equipment performance meet your functional expectations. Our simulations can include studies on HV bus stability, motor drive performance, power consumption, or any other critical point of your architecture.

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Hardware Design

We choose the best topology to meet your requirements (performances, environment, form factor, and cost). We size the power components by calculation, simulate the HW (LT spice and PSIM), the control loops (MATLAB Simulink), and provide a footprint for the system (Solidworks). We provide an electrical and mechanical design that allows you to visualize the outcome of your product.

Software Design

Depending on your requirements, our services may involve firmware and software developments.

This includes code generation from Simulink, the C code development of drivers and communication stacks, the C++ development of the graphic user interface, or the HDL design of companion chips and mission-critical apps. Software design is done in-house by our developer team.

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In-house prototyping allows fast, easy iterative work on the prototype for improvement and debugging.

These capabilities include qualified personnel, CMS mounting, winding workshop, software design, and simulation.


We test prototypes and validate expected performance according to a test plan that has been accepted by the customer.

To ensure the reliability of our solution regarding specific environments, we qualify and validate temperature, vibration, shocks, EMI, radiation, lifetime, and thermal cycling.

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On-site integration

We provide necessary technical support and documented training courses to the team in charge of system integration.

Industrialization – Production

The production and testing facilities can manage the manufacturing of 10 products, up to 15,000 units a year. Boards assembly is done by one of our qualified sub-tier suppliers. Final integration, final tests, and burning test are done in-house.

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Customer Services

We believe our role continues well after delivery and customer satisfaction. Our aftersales services team is always available to follow up with any of your inquiries and requests, converting power into confidence.

Obsolescence Management

Because some products and tools are maintained for decades, we support our customers in maintaining their equipment in operational condition. We track obsolete parts to make strategic stocks or to redesign a product with a newly available part.

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