Motor Controllers


The iconic Nar Motion series was born to provide downhole tools with motor controllers that are easy to configure and that fit perfectly in the system. The series includes four motor controllers: Nar Motion XS, Nar  Motion S-LV, NarMotion S-HV, and NarMotion M.


One motor controller for one purpose

Failure is not an option. To make the most of the well, each Nar Motion Controller was designed to serve its purpose within several form factors, several parameters, different configurations, and with optimal efficiency. Control mode can function with or without sensors.

Features and complexity differ according to the task that the motor will be performing. With an average rate of 98% efficiency, Watt & Well's motor controllers are the top-of-mind products on the market.  Their rugged designs generate less heat, and noise, and fewer motor vibrations while producing higher performance.


The advanced solution for severe environments

The Nar Motion series is built on the combined and proud heritage of harsh environment know-how and power electronics expertise. Over 10 years of experience and hundreds of motor controllers currently running thousands of feet below ground, attest to the reliability of our products.

Prior to design, engineers use the concept of high reliability to withstand:

  • Extreme temperatures from -40°C/°F to 175°C/347°F with a maximum survival temperature up to 200 °C/392 °F
  • Random vibration up to 20G rms, 50-500 Hz
  • Repetitive shocks (up to 500 G)
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Maximizing results at best cost

We understand both the stakes and constraints of our customers. Any delay in commissioning results in financial and reputation expenses. Therefore, Watt & Well is committed to delivering optimal operational motor controllers.

The Nar Motion series is tested with the accelerated stress techniques such as Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST). This series of thermal and mechanical tests aims to detectdefects and weaknesses in the electrical equipment.

Watt & Well has a library of tested and approved components because when operating thousands of feet below ground the last thing a service provider wants is to have its drill stop because of a component failure. The NarMotion series provides sharp optimal operation into severe environments, because at Watt & Well we convert power into confidence.

Our motor controllers can be combined with our power supplies and central processing units. Please contact us for more information or to place an order.


Range products

Nar Motion M


Nar Motion S - LV


Nar Motion S - HV


Nar Motion XS